Why choose Mind the Hair?

Διαβάστε την σύγκριση των Έτοιμων βαφών που θα βρείτε στα Super Market ή στα καταστήματα καλλυντικών, για χρήση στο σπίτι,  σε σχέση με τις εξατομικευμένες και προσωποποιημένες βαφές μαλλιών της Mind the Hair για χρήση στο σπίτι.


The dye in each tube is the same regardless of your natural color and how much white hair you have.

Moderate coverage of white hair.

One tube, one color for all women. No personalization option.

Mismatch of color you see in the tube with what you get in the end.

No professional advice. That you can do yourself at home.

If there is any advice on the purchase of some ready-made paint, it is from non-specialized personnel.

Ready paints for amateur use.

Anxiety about the final result.

No customization of colors.


The dye in each kit is made based on the level of white hair and your natural color.

100% coverage of white hair.

Mix multiple shades to achieve a personalized result.

Absolute fidelity of desired with the final result. Each Mind the Hair dye is unique.

Professional guidance and mixing of the necessary colors for the ultimate color.

A specialized team of professional hairdressers advises and mixes each dye separately.

Professional paints for specialized color mixing.

No stress about the end result.

If you want any of the dozens of shades we offer a little different, our experienced team can customize it and more especially for you!